Whenever I got a new car or motorcycle, my dad would always ask, “So what did you name her?” I never had an answer, because my history of owning each vehicle was often short lived. Why get attached to something that would fail in a year or two? I learned my lesson with the Honda Rebel, 1985, which I owned for six years, and only referred to as Rebel. Fast forward to today, my Honda Shadow is on her second riding season in Vermont and finally has a name.

Two weekends ago, as I took her around curve after curve, enjoying the sun and breeze, and radiant green from the trees and the mountains, I said each name in my head over and over, until one felt right.

While I’ve done a cruise or two with a friend or a passenger, I often ride alone. Not to appear anti-social or nihilistic in regards to my fellow humans, but there is a certain romance about solitary travel, especially as a woman. One of my female friends said, “I love to travel, but I could never do it alone.” Another female friend said to me on a day trip for a pedicure, “I’ve never done anything like this. No one knows where I am right now.” And I get that; that idea that independence is both exciting and terrifying, that acting on your volition seems to be a term you only hear when confessing to a crime. I get that. And while there’s the obvious reasons women “shouldn’t” travel alone,

  • Vehicle problems
  • Navigating
  • Being out at night alone
  • Being out in the day time alone
  • Big scary EVERYTHING
  • Men, or rather, creatures posing as men
  • An overwhelming and intoxicating feeling of contagious independence
  • Money
  • Bees?
  • The unknown

how can one find themselves until they’ve spent time alone, getting to know each and every little perfect flaw? So why not go stag? Go with the freedom to trust yourself and your instincts about the people you’ll meet.

I’m often more than enthusiastic to go with the flow of others’ plans, because without all the humans in my life, time would be spent, well, without love. And to give those people that same love, I have to be able to be comfortable being with myself, and with my newest love,  Solo.